I will not fight for you: Tedd Josiah blasts politicians

Tedd Josiah, one of the legendary music producers in Kenya, is fed up with Kenyan politics. The 47-year-old, who campaigned for ODM in the 2007 general election, has come out to say that the opposition is not “empowering its people”.

In a video that was shot for Ted Josiah’s YouTube vlog in 2016, that has now gone viral, the music producer says, “This week I saw the opposition leader who sat on the street, an elder statesman sat on the street, protesting because the IEBC needs to go home. But the question in my mind was, this is an elder statesman, over 60, by now he should have nurtured the new generation of revolutionary, the people who think out of the box and challenge the systems of corruption, theft and greed.” The vlog was done last year when Isaack Hassan was still the IEBC chair.

The Kisima Awards founder said prosperity is one thing Nyanza region politicians were not giving to residents.

“You don’t want to see a person who you look up to sitting on a street corner protesting for your rights. A leader is supposed to lead you to a place of prosperity. What place of prosperity is there in Nyanza, one of the most fertile places in Kenya? What prosperity are these leaders bringing?” he asked.

He went on to say: “Nobody wants to talk about this issue. I’m not going to vote for you if all you do is use me to go and sit on the street corner to protest. No sir! Sorry! But we have to start looking at empowering the young people of the republic of Kenya, giving them real job opportunities. They are just not bodies and numbers. No! In 2017 we are not going to fight for you because I’m not a body, I’m not a number. I’m not going to be in the mortuary as somebody flies out because sh*t gone wild. The opposition strongholds, you need to start empowering your people and show us with fact, what you are doing to empower your people.”

Tedd relocated to London in 2008 after feeling that his life was threatened after the post-election violence.

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