Uhuru To Take Care of Msando’s Family, Says “Noisemakers” Offered Nothing But Usual Rhetorics.

Kenya ~ Sunday, August 27, 2017.

Uhuru to take care of Msando’s family. Says mourners brought forth nothing but pure rhetorics.

It is rumoured that President Uhuru Kenyatta has offered to to take care of the family of the late Chris Msando. Chris was IEBC ICT Manager and the Guru behind the Kiems Kit Technology. He was brutally murdered days before the 2017 August 8th general elections where president Kenyatta was declared winner amid claims of theft from the opposition. A decision that has seen the opposition file a case at the supreme court challenging the legitimacy of Uhurutos reelection.

“The Mourning period is over and its now time to move on. The ‘Noisemakers’ mourned and brought forth nothing. Ate everything and left the family in a more desperate situation,” Said Kenyatta as reports indicate.

It is believed Chris was killed to pave way for vote manipulation and idea he was totally against. He was a real patriot dedicated to protect the sanity of this country. No wonder votes are still streaming in on the IEBC portal!
RIP Chris!

Uhuru has assured the family of Chris that all will be well, Eva will get a good job with the government and the children will go to good schools. There is nothing to worry about as the government remains committed to soon unearth Killers.

However, on reaching a family member who claimed anonymity, he claimed that he is not aware of such deals and someone could be playing monkey tricks on them.

Rest in Peace Chris Msando!

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