Murang’a:-Man lands a 94-year Sentence for Raping Grandmother.

Murang’a: 25 August 2017. Man to serve 94-year sentence for raping old woman.

A 32-year-old man from Gacharageini, Murang’a County lands a 94-year sentence for raping his grandmother.

The suspect, Samuel Mbaria is said to have committed the heinous act on the 11 of October, 2016 at Gacharage-ini village of Kiru Ward.

The man was caught in the act by his 19-year-old cousin, who heard the granny shouting for help as he went home.Samuel reportedly broke into his grandmother’s house at around 7pm, where she was alone sleeping and committed the heinous act.The cousin said he was passing by her grandmother’s house when he heard the commotion and the voices of a screaming woman.

He called her but she did not answer and when he tried to open her door, he found that it was locked from inside.He struggled with the door and managed to open it and reportedly saw the assailant naked. The suspect then hit him on the face and managed to run away before he could regain his senses.When he came back to his senses, he went to check on his grandmother, he found her naked in her bed traumatized, and shaken as well.

“I alerted the other family members and neighbours and we launched a manhunt. As we searched for him,” the cousin said.

Speaking at Kangema, Charles Macharia, a resident said they were perturbed by the awful act and lauded the court for saving them the agony of living with such an evil man, saying he has been raping young children and animals before.

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