Njoki and two others deported from Saudia for stealing potatoes.

Kenyan Potatoes Thieves, 22 Aug, 2017.

Today Morning, Kenyans received breath taking news of three Women to be deported back in the country for theft.

Kenyan Women Identified as Ruace Njoki, stellla Muthoni and Chemtai will be deported back to Kenya with immediate effect, a Saudi lawyer has told the court.

The three who were working at a Groceries factory were caught with a sack of potatoes, trying to sneak out when a suspecting guard, inspected their car and impounded them.

Speaking before a Tabuk judge where the two were charged for ‘robbery’ – because that was obviously more than normal stealing, the prosecutor pleaded the court to let them go back to their country and not jail them there.

“These Kenyans are scaring, no one has ever attempted what they have done. I hear they come from a community that can steal socks from your legs without you knowing. I hear that that community can remove a tie from someone’s neck in broad-daylight without them noticing. I hear that these people can count money that is in your pocket through their extraordinary instincts and know when to strike you and succeed. Your honour, these ones are not going to be jailed here. They will infect and teach other prisoners how to steal. let them just go back to their countries. Your honour, let us conduct a fresh vetting of other ‘Kenyans’ working here in South Africa and prevent a potential crime”

Explained Dawouqh shafit, a state lawyer.

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