Sonko drives crowd into laughter after saying “Cleanness is next to Nairobi.”

“Cleaness is next to Nairobi and I believe God will love Nairobi” said Mike Sonko amid laughter from the Crowds.

Nairobi, 21- 8 – 2017,

Nairobi Governor Elect, Mike Mbuvi gives a thrilling speech during his inauguration Ceremony.

In Solemn Swearing in ceremony, in the Presence of President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Crowds burst in laughter when Sonko Raised to give his speech. It became real comedy when the governor said “cleanness is next to Nairobi”.

According to our reporters, Sonko wanted to say that Cleanness is next to God and may be he got over excited.

We will not follow in the footsteps of our predators, But rather, with diligence serve to Renovate the lives of Nairobi Peoples.

Nairobi will be a tourist attraction, Reviving all economic activities to make our city the economic and industrial hub it was has remained to be. More than 100thousand jobs will be created, as we lay off the excess workers.

Reports say Sonko also vowed to eradicate street families, by creating a better facility to accommodate, renovate and make them production as well.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let us Raise up as we remain glued to our seats, Observing silence and as we make make noises of joy” Sonko ended his speech.

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