Somalia’s Statehouse Under Attack, Scores Injured as President is Whisked Away Under Tight Security.

Mogadishu, Somalia – 20-Aug-2017. Al Shabaab troopsb are Reportedly to have this Morning, attacked Somalia’s Statehouse disrupting a meeting between Prime Minister Hassan Khayre and President Mohammed Abdullahi Mohammed.

Reports say peace has been disrupted this morning in Mogadishu as attacks were launched on Somalia’s Statehouse, Residents have since remained indoors with businesses closed in fear.

Ten people have been arrested in connection with the attack as the injured were taken to hospital. Somalia’s Defence minister Abdullahi Rashid has told the star that peace has been restored as investigations intensify.

Despite the devastating news, Rashid has called on citizens to remain calm as the law takes its course. He was speaking to journalists in Mogadishu, The Capital of Somalia.

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