Tension Mounts as Another IEBC Officer, Caroline Odinga is Brutally Murdered.

Kenya – Tension builds up in the Country as IEBC Officers are Murdered in cold blood, one after another.

After the death of Chris Msando, the IEBC ICT Manager no one could ever imagine of loosing another innocent life in such brutality.

Its quite disheartening and sorrowful that a series of mysterious deaths have since occurred. With the case of Chris Msando still fresh in our Minds, Caroline Odinga is also Murdered in unclear circumstances and her body dumped near her home in Senga. Investigations have since been launched into the brutal murder and hopefully justice will be served, Reports Ukwala OCPD,Paul Tiriki.

Caroline was a 34-year-old Mother, serving as a secondary school teacher.

Fear, Tension is engulfing the whole nation with IEBC Officers and Kenyans at large fearing for their lives. From all walks of life, Kenyans have come out cursing the killers, calling them to shun their cowardly acts.

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