News just In: Prof. Makau Mutua To Join NASA Legal Team This Week.

Kenya – Celebrated Legal Scholar Prof. Makau Mutua to join NASA team of competent lawyers in challenging the outcome of the presidential elections at the supreme court.

Makau is expected to bring new energy to the NASA legal team. His vast knowledge and experience on legal matters will be of great help at a time like this when NASA stakes are high.

Makau caught the attention of Kenyans a year ago when he applied for the position of Chief justice following the resignation of Dr Willy Mutunga as president of the supreme court of Kenya.
Other lawyers representing the Opposition include Senior Counsel James Orengo, Oraro George, Paul Mwangi and Kethi Kilonzo. Jubilee lawyers will include Fred Ngatia, Tom Macharia and Kigen Katwa.

Chief Justice Maraga has assured Kenyans that memories of mistakes made in 2013 is still fresh in hid mind and the judiciary has learnt a lesson.

On the other hand opposition leader, Raila Odinga still holds that labour strikes and public demonstrations remain options should justice fail in the courts.

Makau on his part claims to have sharpened his knife and he is now ready to take head on both the IEBC and jubilee. He is bitter having failed to be appointed Chief justice a year ago when every kenyan felt he desreved.

“I will teach them a life lessons,” Vows Makau referring to IEBC and Jubilee, Reports the star.

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